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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

We love stuff.

Categories: eBusiness, iD-points

Mondays are the best day of the week for us. Why? Because that’s when all the new music and DVD’s come out. Fridays are also great because that’s when new games hit the shelves.

I’ve never forgotten that feeling of dashing to the record shop to buy the new album from my favourite band on the day it was released. With the modern advent of digital downloads and online shopping, these rites of passage may be less obvious, but the feeling doesn’t go away. It’s why people wait all night to buy the latest Apple iPhone, or queue to buy Windows 7, on the day it is released, or that line up outside games shops to get the latest must-have title. The power of modern marketing, creating launch-day fever, makes the simple act of purchasing a product part of a greater cultural event or communal experience.

At IncentiveDirect, we don’t just sell stuff. We love stuff. We love learning about new releases, researching new products, and finding out about the great gadgets coming down the line. This time of year is when all the big hitters are released, for the most important retail quarter of the year. We’re busy adding new entertainment titles, and getting excited about each week’s new batch of products.

A core part of our business at IncentiveDirect is supplying aspirational products from leading brands. This is what drives our customers End Users to improve their performance – to up their game, to work harder, to work smarter, to sell more, to do more. Without great products and prizes to aim for, the motivation is lost. Points mean nothing – it is what those points can be exchanged for that determines their value.

Aligning an incentive with phenomena such as new product launches, cultural events and sporting contests, allows a company to tap into the zeitgeist. It can be a great help in providing a theme and rich source of imagery and copy for creating marketing collateral such as flyers, e-mails and other communications. But it can also allow you to feed on the buzz and build upon it, adding competitions, quizzes and associated activities and prizes to carry your users along.

Associating your activity with aspirational brands and new releases is a powerful way to drive powerful user engagement and keep your incentive activity fresh and timely.